Amira Moubarak

Personal Branding: Bridging the gap between brands and audiences in KSA


A blogger since 2010, Amira Moubarak has been inspiring the Saudi millennials with images, posts, videos, and rich content on her website and social media channels about Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle.

In 2016, Blue Hat created a branding strategy to help Amira build an interesting and strong personal brand for herself to boost her career as an influential blogger.


Personal branding strategy that advocates storytelling as the only means through which Amira must announce collaborations

A revamp of her logo and color scheme

A list of do's and don'ts to be shared with brands before every collaboration

A portfolio that gets updated regularly and which introduces Amira and explains clearly how she is different from fellow bloggers (manifesto, analytics, USP, etc...)

A detailed and fair rate card that gets updated continuously to be shared with brands before every collaboration

Constant consulting and support before and during every collaboration

Introduction of a new service: "Product Placement" as part of her non-commercial services to promote a brand she likes or respect seamlessly.

Project Type
Personal Branding

Saudi Arabia 

Social Media Influencer

Project Links's youtube channel

Major Brand Collaborations


Highlights of Major Collaborations

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