From Amateur to Professional: 7 Things you should be doing on YouTube Right Now!

Being the recent recipient of a YouTube training certification, I would like to harness the moment and dedicate this blog post to help content creators find success on the platform by harnessing design. So, if you are looking to make your YouTube channel look more professional, this post is for you:

1. Create a Channel Art 

img 1- wassim.png

With the rise of the omnichannel user, it is important to consider how your content will be viewed by those who visit your channel: whether on a desktop, tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or any other format. Hence, you will need to optimize your image so it looks great on every platform and this is where the “Channel art” feature can be of great help.

Channel art can be used to brand your channel’s identity and give your channel page a unique look and feel.

 2.    Upload a Channel Icon


It’s important to select an icon that will look clear at very small resolutions. Do not think of it as another social media profile photo. The channel icon has to have your brand’s logo, carry your brand’s colors and reflect its identity. It’s all about branding, as this tiny little square is what might push viewers to discover your channel.

3. Optimize your Channel Description


The function of channel description is to highlight your most important content right up front. Therefore, you should always include what the viewers are going to watch in that section.

A good exercise to do before creating your channel description is to define your target audience then, write your description accordingly including relevant keywords and uploading video programming.

What do you think of the below channel? As you can tell by now all of the above-mentioned points are missing from the channel. Except for the title, little can be said about this channel and its offering.

img 5_wss.png

4. Provide a Captivating Channel Trailer

img 6.png

Your channel trailer is quite similar to a movie trailer. Therefore, you must make use of it to offer a preview of your channel's offerings. Also, your channel trailer is the first thing unsubscribed viewers will see when visiting your channel, and it plays automatically. So assume your viewers have never heard of you and start with something that hooks them in the first few seconds, highlights the best parts of your channel and delivers your key messages.

Remember, you want to give your viewers a lasting impression, so do not forget to explicitly ask them to subscribe to your channel.

Below is an example of a channel that did not make use of the channel trailer.  

img 7.png

 5. Create Playlists and Sections


Creating Playlists/Sections on your YouTube channel can easily help you do the following:

  • Classify your content according to type, theme, or brand etc..
  • Increase your channel’s watch time
  • Avoid strikes on your channel - in case you did not own the content
  • Link Google+ page with YouTube channel

6. Link Google+ Page with YouTube Channel


Connecting your YouTube channel to Google+ page helps ensure your videos are predominantly featured on Google+ and vice versa.  Unfortunately, not many content creators are aware of the benefits that ensue from linking both channels, such as:

  • Getting better names. You can use your full name, or you can use a brand or business name. Google+ supports longer names, including spaces. Pages have no name restrictions. Get the name you always wanted!
  • Having access to new tools for creators. These include Top Fans and comment moderation tools.
  • Enjoying advanced channel management with Google+ pages. When a channel is connected to a Google+ page, multiple people can manage the channel without sharing password information. You can also manage multiple channels from a single Google Account.
  • Hosting hangouts On Air. With Hangouts On Air, you can run a live broadcast to the world, and then share the recording on your channel.
  • Posting in the new comments system. YouTube's updated comments system takes advantage of Google technology.


7.  Assign Thumbnails to your Videos


Using customized thumbnail is an effective way to encourage viewers to click on the video.  Make sure to include your logo with a HQ image to your customized thumbnail.

PS. Do not attempt to cheat the system with a fake thumbnail. It might result in YouTube taking down your video or worse banning your channel for “Violating he Community Terms of Use”.


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