The Art of Procrastination: What Type of Time-Waster Are You?

You walking aimlessly around the house. You open the refrigerator and immediately close it. You mindlessly check your Instagram. You stare at a blank  point on the wall. The thought of the pen and paper sitting on your desk waiting  for concepts to be drawn out creeps slowly to the front of your mind, but you push it back.  If it sounds anything like you, then congratulations, you have mastered the art of Procrastination. 

Most designers find themselves pushing important tasks to the side; however how they do it depends on their character. So what are the types of procrastinators? Some designers are Perfectionists. They find it difficult to begin designing because of being overwhelmed by thought of getting every element perfect.

The Dreamers

Other designers find that they would much rather be emerged in their abstract thoughts than thinking about realistic tasks that they need to complete; these designers are Dreamers.

The Crisis-Makers

Some are Crisis-Makers and work best under pressure right before a deadline;  the thought of racing against the clock thrills them.

The Defiers

Designers who believe their tasks are a waste of time and energy are Defiers. They would much rather be doing something that would benefit them than designing.

The Over-Doers

Many designers are Over-Doers as they take on more work than they can handle. They tend to focus on one task while forgetting the others.

The Worriers

Finally, designers who are afraid to take risks, avoid change, and would rather stick to their comfort zone, are classified as Worriers.

Illustrator Angela Liao interestingly portrays habits that people do to delay what they ought to be doing:

If you find yourself doing any of the above actions to delay important work that should be done, whether you are a Perfectionist or an Over-Doer, it does not mean you are incapable of accomplishing it. Procrastinating can be a to start to your creative process.

If you are looking for ways to stop procrastinating, I advise you to read my fellow BlueHatter's blog on this link: 10 Creative Ways To Avoid Procrastination!