7 Ways to Overcome Creative Blocks

There are many ways to avoid creative blocks that are usually caused by stress and can be very frustrating. Creativity requires focus and motivation so our mind needs to be nourished and fresh. It does so through observing, reading and learning. This blogpost will provide you with 7 ways to overcome creative blocks.

1. Drawing or/and Sketching

It is a way to unleash all the ideas that you have in mind, to visualize them, and most importantly, it helps you complete your sketches. Doodling and sketching will definitely help you see something you might have not thought of.

Source: DevianArt

Source: DevianArt

2. Sketchbook In Your Pocket

It is always a good idea to carry around your sketchbook. Our minds can be very randomly stimulated. We get the best ideas at the most random times but have nowhere to translate them to a sketch! Your sketchbook is a guarantee to never forget a great idea you had.

3. Don’t Feel Trapped

Take a break every once in a while. Staying in one place for too long can exhaust our minds. If you have been home or at the office for a long time, take a small break, do something different and refresh your mind. You will be amazed by how new ideas will start rushing in.


4. Different Perspectives

Look at all the different angles of an idea. Draw the same sketch from different perspectives even maybe during different moods. Don’t focus your mind on only one perspective.

Source: Picdit

Source: Picdit

5 - Cultures

Introduce yourself and your mind to new cultures, different backgrounds and stories. This will not only broaden your horizon but it will also show how the same element or topic can be viewed completely differently from different points of view.

6 - Award Winning projects

Research award winning projects, let them inspire you! Go online and look up portfolios and new website. Find your inspiration and motivation.

Source: awwwards.com

Source: awwwards.com

7 - Try to be the viewer

Be your own critic and be objective. Look at your project at different times. You might want to get the opinion of someone you trust but it’s always good to get out of your own box and look at things objectively for a healthier judgement and better results.

Feeling creative already?