10 Places Designers Must Visit In Beirut

Sursock Museum

Formerly known as as the private villa of Beirut aristocrat, Nicolas Sursock, Sursock museum has become a renownded landmark for modern art and contemporary art in Beirut. It is now a hub for international and local artists to exhibit their work, along with the famous Sursock's private collection of paintings.



Mar Mikhael

A bustling residential and commercial neighborhood full of joy and life all day and all night. Mar Mikhael offers you a wide variety of culinary experiences, eye-catching graffitis, quirky boutiques and art galleries, as well as its iconic colored stairs. This place is the best to grab a drink with friends, enjoy a nice gourmet meal, or have a cup coffee and enjoy the positive vibes.


Dar Al Musawir

House of the Photographer, is a place where liked-minded people come to share their experiences, thoughts and passion for visual arts. It is the perfect place for photography-enthusiasts and artists to develop their own photos in the black room and exhibit them, while enjoying a cup of coffee or grabbing a quick snack in a very friendly and authentic atmosphere.

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Karm Al Zeytoon

Located at the end of Achrafieh, known for its narrow streets and small houses, this neighborhood also has a history. The first armenians that moved to lebanon where living there before moving to burj hamoud. It is also a place where people can empty their mind and get lost.


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Hamra Street

A district located at the heart of Beirut and a melting pot for diverse cultures, Hamra is perfectly situated between two of the most prestigious universities in Beirut.  It offers you a wide variety, of shops, restaurants, pubs, cafes, libraries, as well as hotels and furnished apartments. Before the 1975 Civil War, Hamra was deemed as the "it" place for all tourists and was often called "Beirut's Champs Elysées".

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Minet Al Hosn

The district for architects, urban planners and designers to feel proud and inspired. It is one of the few places in Beirut where architecture is booming through the work of renowned architects such as Herzog De Meuron who designed the famous Beirut Terraces. The Marina Tower and the Four Seasons hotel stand tall together to make up Beirut's skyline.


Memory Lane

A very spacious cafe, eatery and pub offering a cool concept and a positive ambiance at the heart of Mar Mikhael.  At this place, people come from different fields to grab a drink, have dinner, or sip a cup of coffee in a wide gaming saloon that offers foosball and an antiquated pinball machine

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An actual train station, and the main railway station in Beirut before the civil war, that got reincarnated into a nightclub lounge for clubbers in the heart of Mar Mikhael under the management of BO18. In this outdoor chill venue, people can come to enjoy the view of the sunset, awesome music, and live barbecue food.

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This multi-purposes commercial and residential  and semi-industrial neighborhood lies at the east side of the port of Beirut.  During the Lebanese Civil War, this area suffered immensely and witnessed many massacres. However, it is slowly rising from the ashes by being the hub for many art galleries, such as: Beirut Design Week and nightclubs, such as: BO 18-- designed by the famous Lebanese architect, Bernard Khoury.

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