Traditional Advertising: Make it worth the expense!

“If it doesn’t sell it isn’t creative.” -David Ogilvy-

With the rise of online marketing and despite its huge influence on the Internet-connected world, traditional advertising still has distinct value for engagement with customers. Getting television exposure often remains one of the ultimate goals of successful brands. To build buzz and create awareness about their products and services, large and small companies are still using offline media channels, but some of them are forgetting proven offline marketing methods when planning campaigns.

Blue Hat’s team tracked the latest top advertisements worldwide during the Night of AdEaters (Also known as La Nuit Des Publivores), a show that now runs in more than 40 countries dedicated to showing the showing of advertising among 60 different nationalities on the Big Screen, that took place in Beirut this November.

When it comes to TV advertising, think outside the box to give your business a real marketing boost and keep in mind the marketing tactics that require creativity instead of budget:

1. Define your ad’s objective

When building an offline campaign, it is very important to define what is the main objective of your advertisement in relation to your audience. Besides than building brand awareness or communicating your service, would they share it on social media? To drive that action, a key message should be communicated.

For Foster Farm's Chickens, the message was humorous about desiring chicken.

Save the Children addressed its audience with a shocking message: "Just because it's not happening here, doesn't mean it isn't happening!" to incite them to care about causes related to children around the world. 

2. Create a Character to your ad

That's when it gets tricky. How many times do we encounter amazing advertisements, but we cannot remember the brand behind it? Choosing a character to your ad is one of the most important aspects of advertising. The key here is to stay true to your brand. By using a joyful scene of dancing babies and adults imitating them, Evian's "Baby & Me" ad focuses on the concept of purity and health. Their ad with the "Live Young" message was a true success. 

Cheetos were not afraid to flaunt the fact that their chips are messy. They managed to turn the "finger licking" experience after eating Cheetos that might be perceived negatively to a cherished and fun concept. A viral success while staying true to their real brand experience.

3. Tap into emotions

Make sure that your commercial will grab your potential customer's attention and tap into his emotions in the very limited time of the advertisement. Your Ad can be funny, heart melting, hilarious or sad, but most importantly, it should give the viewer a motivation to be the first to spread the message.

Humor and Surprise are definitely the most powerful words that describe a “memorable” commercial. To capture your audience, allow the viewer to watch while anticipating the key concept of the ad. Specsavers and DU Telecom's ads were one of the top ones. 

4. Online Conversion

Online component is needed for an offline campaign. Make sure to include in your ad a website, or landing page URL in order to convert offline prospects into online sales. This will enable your audience to consider your brand at the first buying cycle even if they will not buy right away. Don't get to the end of your commercial and leave off your call to action!

If it’s an insurance advertisement, customers will find it easy to open their laptops and start the quotation process:

If it’s a charity, it’s a push for people to check about it with more details and be donors.

Reach out for your customers and prospects offline and give them the attention they deserve! Spice up your traditional advertising with these tips and make it worth the expense.