creating a community around braccialini in KSA


Known for its bold and eccentric designs, Braccialini, is a 50-year old leather accessories company based in Florence, Italy, continuously aiming to satisfy unusual tastes with its rich details. Blue Hat was commissioned to create the online presence of Braccialini KSA within its 3 stores operating in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Khobar.


Since Braccialini KSA was not present beforehand on social media, Blue Hat built its online reputation and identity from scratch on both Facebook and Instagram.


Blue Hat gathered a strong community around Braccialini KSA, as well as helping them secure the highest engagement rate on Saudi Facebook pages in 2012 (reaching a rare 36% organic average engagement rate, source: Blue Hat also worked on several in-store and online creative campaigns to help boost Braccialini’s presence in the UK, connecting it with its fans and customers.


Project type
Social Media

Saudi Arabia