Customer Service Branding to Boost Awareness  


Dandan is a price comparison website and was one of the first to enter the market in the Middle East. The website allows online shoppers to easily view and compare prices of clothing, jewellery, electronics, accessories and travel (flights and hotels) from different market places - all in one place.

Dandan joined forces with Blue Hat in order to create 1) branding, 2) website design, and 3) social media. 


Blue Hat established the brand as the destination to solve consumer retail problems and ensured thorough brand consistency by:

1) Designing Dandan’s unique brand identity, and creating their logo and color scheme

2) Creating Dandan website design

3) Designing a social media strategy and implementing it:

  • Identifying the needs of the large target audience and specifically catering brand content to fit those needs

  • Harnessing customer service trends and engagement

  • Making use of paid content on Facebook and Instagram

  • Analysing competitors and their use of social media

  • Customer service design and active community management


  • The Dandan website went live

  • Created social media accounts and used them to launch website 

  • Securing followers on social media (boosting brand awareness)

  • Establishing Dandan as one of the leading price comparison websites in the UAE and Lebanon


Project Type

Branding Strategy         Website Design                Social Media 

Dubai, UAE