Al DKA - الدكة 

When Design Meets Farming  


Al Dka is an internationally accredited farm, located in Al Ghat and Riyadh, that produces fine organic and healthy products. Al Dka commissioned Blue Hat to help them build their brand identity and package. 


Blue Hat created a branding strategy that covers the following: 

Elements of differentiation: it is an internationally accredited farm that produces organic and healthy produce at a price for value strategy that has a better texture and taste with future plans.  

Trend: the trends tackled were the growing interest in organic foods in KSA, the Millennial hunt for fresh and healthy foods and the growing government support for organic market in the KSA. 


After designing its positioning and unique value proposition, Blue Hat was able to offer the client the following:

Onliness test


Selective color palette that appeals to the brand values of Al Dka

The Logo

  • Al Dka's minimalistic option is a typography direction that was custom made for the brand.
  • The logo is extended horizontally to mimic the shape of Al Dka as a symbol of hospitality and generosity.


  • The graphic on the package was inspired by the layout of the farm in Al Ghat. 

Project Type
Branding Strategy

Saudi Arabia 


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