Turning a brand into a lovemark through storytelling


DRAFT is a local Saudi brand developed by Saudi designer Wadha Al Rashid focusing on 3 aspects:

1) Interior Design 2) Concept Store and 3) the recently launched DRAFT Cafe.

Wadha Al Rashid came to Blue Hat seeking support in turning her brand into a lovemark.


Blue Hat developed a design led strategy to help connect with the DRAFT audience covering the following objectives:

Establishing the brand as the destination to find inspiration

Establishing the DRAFT tone of voice and themes 

Identifying target audience and analyzing how to engage with different touch points 

Identifying and harnessing trends (live video and short stories, relationship marketing, storytelling)

Creating unique online content 

Designing online customer service and active community management


Blue Hat developed an emotional customer journey whereby the customer interacts with different touch points of the brand.

Blue Hat built a strong Instagram presence for DRAFT by:

  • Revolving its use of storytelling around “With DRAFT, you’ll always be inspired”

  • Sharing unique, inspiring, and lovable content - establishing the brand as quirky, friendly, urban and approachable

  • Making use of professional photography and quality images

  • Using the human aspect within all Instagram stories

Instagram followers, engagement and brand awareness increased; online followers turned into customers and the DRAFT cafe turned into a creative destination in Riyadh.

Project Type
Communication Strategy, Social Media 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Coffee Shop, Interior Design, Retail

Project Link 

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Blue Hat is establishing DRAFT as an Instagram love mark: