Educating Mothers for a Healthier Future for their Kids.


The client established this brand in order to ensure that local kids have healthy options during their time at school, their second home in which they spend more than half of their time.

She also wanted to help parents develop awareness and make smart choices for their kids.


Blue Hat developed a design led strategy, based on the target audiences, covering the following objectives:

  • Establishing a Tone of Voice that speaks to mothers all while being fun and young, as if targeting their kids too.

  • Setting a color-coded grid with three aims: Care, Educate, Amaze.

  • Setting themes for each aim to implement the grid and satisfy the personas.

  • Using storytelling to highlight the kids’ lives both at school and while at home with their mothers.

  • Including the kids (as a human touch) in most of the posts.

  • Partaking in the clean eating movement that has hit social media.


Blue Hat built a strong Instagram presence for FUS:HA through focusing on what makes the treats and snacks prepared by them different than mainstreams food. In example: swapping butter with avocado in cookies and zucchini in muffins.

We also allowed people to benefit from FUS:HA even after the school year ended through tips and recipes. The target audience wasn’t limited to customers who buy FUS:HA’s school meals but to any mother looking to ensure her kid is healthy.

Project Type
Communication Strategy, Social Media 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Food & Beverages

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يقضي طفلك وقتًا طويلاً في المدرسة، ونصف كمية الطعام التي يتناولها هي الوجبات المدرسية. ولذلك من المهم أن ينشأ طفلك في بيئة تدعم عادات الأكل الصحية وثقافة غذائية صحية في مرحلة مبكرة من أجل بناء المهارات في اتخاذ الخيارات المناسبة. في #فسحة، نحرص على توفير نظام غذائي صحي لطفلك وتزويده بوجبات مغذية تمكنه من التركيز، وتدعم نظام مناعته. الغذاء الصحي يساوي صحة أفضل، علامات أفضل، وسلوك أفضل. #فسحة #مدرسة #تعليم #صحة #تلاميذ #السعودية #الرياض #المملكة Your kid spends most of their time in school, and half of their food intake is from their school meals. It’s therefore important that your kid is offered conditions that support healthy eating habits and growing in a healthy food culture at an early stage in order to build skills and make the proper choices. At #fusha, we are keen on providing a healthy diet for your kids to provide them with nutritious meals that enable them to focus, maximize their potential, and support their immune system. Healthy food means better health, better grades and better behavior. #riyadh #healthydiet #meal #food #cleanrecipe #mindfuleating

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