Conveying Trust And Expertise Through Brand Identity


GateOne is a brand building specialist that assists companies in developing presence in the Middle East, helping to develop and grow brands to their optimum potential. How do we develop a new brand identity that conveys a company's trust and expertise when expanding into a new marketplace?



Blue Hat was able to develop a brand identity and brand guidelines (moodboard, color palette, typography, logo variations) based on:

  • GateOne as the focal point for linking two markets 

  • Symbolism to convey meaning (the brand is the gate for which to enter the MENA region)



After developing a brand positioning through different brainstorming sessions, Blue Hat was able to offer the client the following:

Onliness Statement 

Value Proposition 

Name Formation 

  • A suggestive naming style was used
  • Gate = entry point into the market, linking two things 
  • One = the pioneer and go-to brand for its expertise

The Logo 

  • GateOne's abstract logo is made of bold typography with a geometric icon custom made to suit the brand's identity.
  • The logo's upward arrow and yellow color have connotations of positivity, success and growth.
  • The semi circle projects a positive emotional message suggesting trust and long term partnerships.

Business Cards

Presentation Template

Corporate Company Profile

Project Type
Brand Identity                  Graphic Design  

Dubai, UAE



1 GateOne.gif

Business Card (with the final logo):

2 GateOne.jpg

Stationary Options:

3 GateOne.jpg
4 GateOne.jpg