Party Treats Can Be Healthy, Fun, and Tasty!


After Fus:ha’s success, the client came to Blue Hat wanting to find a way to show mothers how party meals, buffets, and snacks can be healthy all while allowing the kids to enjoy the taste and have a great time.


Blue Hat developed a design led strategy, based on the target audiences, covering the following objectives:

  • Establishing a Tone of Voice that speaks to mothers all while being fun and young, as if targeting their kids too.

  • Setting a grid with three aims: Promote, Inspire, and Engage. A mix of graphics and photography.

  • Setting themes for each aim to implement the grid and satisfy the personas.

  • Using storytelling to enhance the bond between mothers and kids, as well as in planning parties.

  • Including the kids, the secondary target audience, in almost all posts.

  • Educate people through incorporating informative posts and stories into lifestyle elements.

  • Focusing on happy moments and occasions, and linking healthy meals with happy moments.


Blue Hat built a strong Instagram presence for HAF:LA.

Project Type
Communication Strategy, Social Media 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Food & Beverages

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