Going Beyond Boundaries to Design Your Printables


The client came to Blue Hat wanting to promote her brand and fill a gap in the Saudi market.


Blue Hat developed a design led strategy, based on the target audiences, covering the following objectives:

  • Establishing a Tone of Voice that educates people on the services, the products, and how to use the website, making the brand act like a Hero.

  • Setting a color-coordination grid that focuses on one color every week (every 3 posts). The grid also forms extended visuals that merge together every week.

  • Setting timely themes.

  • Employing the latest color trends to create visually appealing posts and encourage people to benefit from INK’s services.

  • Using personalized prints that fit people’s lifestyles and incorporating storytelling in product displays.


Blue Hat built a strong Instagram presence for INK by showcasing how stationery can be unique and personalized. We also highlight the best graphics and design trends and allowing followers to stay up to date on the latest colors, patterns, and printing techniques.

Project Type
Communication Strategy, Social Media, e-commerce

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Design Services

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