Maison De Joelle

Embarking on a localized Journey on Social Media for Saudi Arabia

Maison De Joelle is a leading beauty salon with 9 branches across the Middle East. Launched by the renowned celebrity Joelle Mardinian, a Beauty Expert and a TV host on MBC 1, Maison De Joelle provides ladies with professional hair, beauty, and bridal services. As Maison De Joelle's salons in Saudi Arabia are witnessing growth and success in Riyadh and Jeddah, the need to engage with its saudi audience emerged. Dar Al Maysan, the company managing Maison De Joelle's salons in KSA, commissioned Blue Hat to launch Maison De Joelle - KSA 's localized accounts on twitter and instagram

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Design Strategy, Online Marketing, Social Media

Saudi Arabia


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Localized Content

To cater for Maison De Joelle - KSA's audience, Blue Hat creates localized content that satisfies their needs and celebrates their local trends while taking into account the cultural norms. Maison De Joelle - KSA's accounts communicates with the Saudi ladies in Arabic, gives them beauty tips that suit their tastes, and cherishes their influential local bloggers and beloved icons such as Lady Fozaza and Balqees.

Twitter - Conversations on Beauty

On twitter, Blue Hat's aim is to establish one on one conversations between Maison De Joelle and its fans in order to grow the number followers organically and to engage with them. Monitoring and responding to Twitter hashtags and conversations relating to beauty is paramount to triggering two way communications.



Picture Credit (banner): Joelle Mardinian's Youtube Channel