My Oasis 

Brand Innovation: Revamping the brand experience in the Catering Sector in Beirut


Nutritionist, Dania Zaazaa, launched earlier this year “My Oasis” her new catering kitchen in Beirut that offers succulent, flavoursome and healthy meals to professionals.

Zaazaa commissioned Blue Hat to create its Branding Identity, Meals Packaging and Website in order to grow her business and take it to the next level.


Blue Hat created a Branding and Service Design Strategy that tackles the following questions:

What are the international and local trends affecting the industry?
Who is My Oasis's niche audience?
What are the needs / habits of the niche audience?
What gaps are competitors not filling in the market?
What will My Oasis offer that no one else will:

  • How will My Oasis gain and retain its customers?
  • How will it design a new brand experience to retain its customers?
  • How will it optimize its current offerings in order to fulfil and exceed its customers needs and expectations?


By studying and analyzing in depth the customers journey with current local caterers, and harnessing the trends of “customization” and “social media documentation” of food, Blue Hat was able to create a strong and photogenic brand that stands out from the crowd by focusing on the specific needs of My Oasis’s niche audience, i.e. professionals in Beirut as follows:

  • Tribal Message: Let’s Add Flavors to your Lunch Box!
  • Brand Experience: Customization of Work Habits and Meal Portions according to personas:  “I’m Leaving on Time… Hurray,” /  “I’m Staying Over Time… Help”.
  • Brand Loyalty: Weekly Deals, Rewarding Loyalty, Subscriptions

Project Type
Branding Strategy, Service Design, Website Design 


Food Catering