Branding to communicate long-term relationships 


Quencia is a boutique Investment Management company that follows a client-focused approach to ensure superior return on investment (ROI). How do we market trust, long-term relationships and ROI to potential clients whilst appealing to both the Arabic and English speaker? 



Blue Hat created a fresh and professional identity based on the following: 

  • Elements of differentiation (award winning team, superior ROI, sophisticated services, valuing long-term partnerships, integrity, fairness and ethics) 

  • Different trends (big data, behavioral shifts, rise in millenials, the client experience, KSA as a promising investment landscape)    



Several workshops involving the client were conducted in order to come up with the brand name 'Quencia':

  • Neological naming style (creating a new word with meaning)

  • Derives from Latin 'queentia' meaning opportunity, possibility and power


Project Type
Brand Identity                           Branding  

Dubai, UAE

Investment Management

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Name Rationale:

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Business Cards and Stationary:

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