Self-Appraisal form

Name *
What are your most important accomplishments and achievements at Blue Hat this year?
Have you achieved the goals and KPIs of your clients relating to your job description so far for the rest of the year?
Have you surpassed any of those goals or KPIs? Which ones? Who/What helped you meet or exceed them?
Are you struggling with any of your goals or KPIs? Which ones? What’s hindering you from achieving them (poor direction, inadequate resources, lack of training, lack of knowledge in the field)?
What do you like most and and what do you like least about your job?
What do you plan to achieve in the second half of the year at Blue Hat?
What can Blue Hat do to better help you succeed and meet the above-mentioned aim?
Adhering to Blue Hat's Values
On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 the highest) how do you rate your performance vis-a-vis the below attributes at Blue Hat.
Taking Initiative *
Do you demonstrate ambition, improve processes, etc…
Ability to ask questions *
Do you ask questions, or ask for help instead of making assumptions
Cooperative and Teamwork *
Are you flexible when asked to work outside regular duties, extra hours, do you pitch in when the team is short-handed facing a deadline?
Communication Skills *
Do you communicate adequately with project managers, clients, peers, etc.. instead of suffering in silence?
Focus *
Do you maintain focus and prioritize job duties effectively?
Productivity *
Do you work effectively and meet deadlines?
Knowledge *
Do you demonstrate and acceptable level of knowledge to perform your job?
Reliability *
Do you demonstrate dependability and competence? Can you be trusted with end-work to be delivered immaculately?
Rate the below statements according to their accuracy.
QUALITY: I deliver my work with outstanding quality.
COLLABORATION: I contribute in spreading a spirit of collaboration.
DIVERSITY: I cherish diversity and promote it with my fellow Bluehatters and clients.
TRANSPARENCY: I am transparent and have no problem in saying the truth no matter how ugly, or sad it is.
INNOVATION: I contribute in driving innovation for Blue Hat and its clients.