Terms & Conditions

Blue Hat Terms & Conditions are for your guidance to help ensure a smooth and trusted exchange between both parties. Please read this page fully to understand how the payment process works. By using Blue Hat’s services the client accepts and agrees to Blue Hat's terms of use.


Blue Hat accepts payments from clients in two methods: Bank Transfer or online payment via Credit Card. Upon signing your agreement with Blue Hat or accepting price estimates / quotations, you will be receiving an invoice from Blue Hat corresponding the requested services. 

For Bank transfers, Blue Hat will be sharing with you the company's IBAN number. Please note that all transfer fees and bank charges should be covered by you. 

For Credit Card payments, Blue Hat will be sharing with you a URL via email that will redirect you to Payfort payment gateway with a preset amount according to the invoice shared and approved by you. 


A payment gateway is the intermediary between the client (you) and the business (Blue Hat) in order to send and receive online payments safely. Blue Hat uses Payfort, the most trusted payment gateway in the Middle East and an acquisition of Amazon, to accept online payments via Credit Card and reduce the risk in doing so.


When payment is due the client (you) will receive an email link via Payfort. Payments are accepted with a Visa or Mastercard and in the following currencies: *US Dollars*. Blue Hat cannot be held liable for any losses occurred in exchange rates.

We ensure that you and your card information are kept safe with Payfort’s Advanced Encryption Standard Security. All payments are done through SSL connections to encrypt credit card numbers and account information, ensuring your data is protected from any misuse under a secure network. A Payfort fraud management team is also available to create rules and criteria that reduce fraud, monitor transactions and detect any anomalies during transactions. 

Returns & Exchanges

Payments are subject to pre approved service agreements between clients and Blue Hat. Specific terms about the stoppage of services from Blue Hat must be referred back to the contract. We therefore cannot provide a refund and return policy on our services or modify our terms of use accordingly.

If you wish to terminate an agreement, please refer to the termination clause of your agreement with Blue Hat or contact your assigned project manager.

Privacy Policy

At Blue Hat we respect your privacy and regard highly the importance of your personal information.

Disclosure of your Information

This is why the information you provide us will not be sold or passed onto any 3rd parties.

We don’t and never will store your credit card information and only use the secure gateway Payfort to allow transactions.


We also do not store any cookies (a small folder of information that’s sent to your web browser) on any of your devices.