UpTown Deli 

When Design Meets Signature Sandwiches 


"Uptown Deli" is a new signature sandwich shop in Uptown Mirdiff, a flourishing residential area in the UAE. Uptown Deli commissioned Blue Hat to help them build their name, brand and create a logo for their concept. 


Blue Hat created a branding strategy that covers the following: 

Shop Concept: It is the only signature sandwich-only shop in Uptown Mirdiff. 

Elements of differentiation: It offers a limited and unique menu that targets young expat foodies looking to satisfy their cravings in an era of increased demand for comfort food.

Trend: Focus on trends such as binge watching + ordering in, the growing demand over comfort food and the flourishing of residential areas in Dubai. 

Naming Style: Blue Hat worked and created "Uptown Deli's" brand name using the Brand Evaluator by Marty Neumeier. 


After designing its positioning and unique value proposition, Blue Hat was able to offer the client the following:

Brand name
Onlyness test
Selective color palette that appeals to the brand values of Uptown Deli
The Logo: 

  • The logo is represented with a combination of urban typography along with a symbol of a sandwich
  • The Symbol represents a sandwich in toast bread sliced in half diagonally and shown in perspective to portray an upward arrow as a play on the word “Uptown”

Project Type
Branding Strategy




UPTOWN (1).jpg