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VODAVODA is a brand of artesian water sourced at a depth of 605 meters in the SPA town of Vrujci, Serbia, with no additional finishing. It is the first Serbian water to earn the NSF Certificate, allowing its export to the U.S. and further emphasizing on the high quality of this premium water. Indeed, set apart by its outstanding mineral composition and unique bottle design, VODAVODA has made its way to Saudi consumers.

We, at Blue Hat, have the pleasure of working closely with the Saudi Franchise to ensure the brand grows and flourishes in the local market.


Your lifestyle companion

We put forward rigorous brand guidelines which would ensure the consistency of VODAVODA’s look and feel across its Saudi platform. It is essential to differentiate this water from other brands in the market, especially in the presence of many competitors.

While emphasizing on VODAVODA’s unique selling points and the target audience’s aspiration, VODAVODA became “Your Lifestyle Companion”. Its mineral composition (low in sodium and fluoride) promotes a healthy lifestyle, and its square bottle ensures an easy grip which is particularly handy when on the go.

Our photographers portray VODAVODA bottles in various settings: supporting you in conference rooms, cheering you on by a football field, keeping you company during friendly gatherings, and enjoying your presence as you explore a new hobby. With VODAVODA partnering with trendy cafes and restaurants, our photographers headed down to the field to take a closer look (or shot) of the bottle in its busy environment.

The water bottle that went viral, then was reposted by SnoopDog

We had the opportunity to work with selected influencers to further promote VODAVODA across Saudi Arabia. Our first collaboration was with the popular Abu Hamdan (@warchieff). His great humor paired with on-point timing yielded a viral collaboration. In a short video, you can see Abu Hamdan standing nervously by the stadium hosting not only the 2018 FIFA World Cup but also the game opposing Russia and his homeland, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Watch as he anxiously takes a sip of VODAVODA, his hands shaking the bottle nervously. Can’t you feel the tension? The video went viral with over 3.5 million views and was shared across a multitude of meme platforms - Snoop Dogg himself shared it!

Further collaborations included Soha Nowailaty who shared her honest review of VODAVODA (a very positive one as well), Abdallah Jomaa who took his bottles with him on his globe-trotting journeys and Adwa Al Dakheel, a businesswoman, athlete, pilot and an icon that keeps pushing the boundaries - with VODAVODA loyally by her side.

Tracking our performance

Furthermore, we have developed an ads strategy tailored to VODAVODA. We drive our content towards an audience that is active with a busy schedule and with health goals to accomplish! Our analytics report allows to review the content’s performance and optimize it as well as our ads strategy.


Marble and blue

To further strengthen the brand’s image, we developed designs particular to VODAVODA’s communication in Saudi Arabia starring a soft blue tone paired with a neat marble/water pattern. We reflected this identity in corporate presentations and paperwork, customized fridges, delivery packages and trucks. We also celebrated Saudi events with fun Snapchat filters starring our favorite square bottle.

VODAVODA Ubayyah (2 of 90) (2).jpg

Joining local celebrations

It has been a busy year with VODAVODA. Its eye-catching sales booth (designed by our very own Draft Creations, have you met them?) at the Saudi National Day concerts (dare we say) stole the show! Customized bottle hangers celebrated the twenty-third of September alongside an ecstatic audience, during five concerts in three different locations across the country. A short video featured on the main stage reminded the audience of a lifestyle companion ready to journey with them through their day-to-day - VODAVODA!

VODAVODA’s booth made another appearance at Al Ubayyah, the first Saudi Festival celebrating Pure Arabian horses and the local heritage, and the brand’s newest bottles - the small but mighty 0.33 L PET plastic bottles - joined the fun alongside horse experts, fans and many families!

Looking forward to Ramadan, VODAVODA joined an exclusive pop-up bazaar in Jeddah, featuring selected up-and-coming local designers. Clear blue bottle hangers marked the occasion.

Product Placement in Elissa’s Video Clip “Krahni”

VODAVODA was featured in the video clip of the renowned celebrity Elissa. The product was featured to boost the brand’s exposure in the Middle East. Blue Hat coordinated the marketing activation through its great relation with Rotana.

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 4.03.06 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 4.02.29 PM.png


We created snapchat filter to accompany VODAVODA’s different brand activations. Here’s a sneak peek:

It has been a pleasure to watch VODAVODA grow over the past phase, with the promise of a stronger presence in its local market. We look forward to the next steps!

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