Operations Manager

The Operations Manager will be responsible of VodaVoda water orders and deliveries. They will be in contact with our consumers and business clients either directly (Whats App, phone calls, etc.) or indirectly (through the back-end) of our e-commerce platform. They will be trained and taken through the e-commerce platform in order to become familiar with the technicalities of the process. The Operations Manager will eventually be responsible of growing the operations team to accommodate for the flow of orders while ensuring optimization and excellence in service.

The Operations Manager will be constantly in contact with other team members and will be interacting with managers of different areas of the organizations. They will present findings to stakeholders and higher management as well as train and supervise employees under their supervision and track and measure staff performance.

They must also be fluent in written and spoken Arabic and English.

VodaVoda is a Serbian mineral water brand. Filtered through limestones at a depth of 605 meters, it is filled at the source without any additional finishing. In addition to its outstanding mineral composition, VodaVoda's square bottles are unique and pragmatic - which makes it easier to be at hand at all times.

Required Skills

Leadership Skills
Candidate needs to have experience in guiding others or supervising them through tasks being done.

Decision Making
Candidate needs to be able to make the right choices at the right time after gathering information and weighing alternatives.

Can do Attitude
Candidates should be able to adapt well to change and embrace continuous learning and personal development.

Charismatic and Communicative
Candidate should show signs of maturity and confidence in presenting their work while maintaining humility.

People’s Person/ Problem Solver
Candidate should be patient & able to resolve conflicts smoothly through communicating issues with others.

Takes Initiative
Candidate should thrive in a small company size environment. They should take initiatives and contribute in shaping up the future of the company.


  • Orders Management: Taking and fulfilling orders from clients via WhatsApp or through the back-end of our e-commerce platform and through future adopted systems. Develop a operations team to manage the flow of orders.

  • Delivery Management: Organize daily delivery schedule; keep track of the delivery process, and stay in touch with the drivers;

  • Operational Processes: Develop operational processes to manage all orders and deliveries. Adopting the latest technology in terms of software and hardware is essential. Develop methods to systematize / automate the delivery process to the different areas and neighborhoods in Riyadh;

  • Customer Service: Monitor orders and follow-up with customers on feedback and delivery; Conflict resolution in terms of customers service and delivery schedule; Manage the hotline for Customer Care;

  • Coordination: Coordination with the management and third parties for events, b2b orders, business development and other tasks. Help VodaVoda’s management team in business development. Completing agreements with suppliers, clients, and other parties. Be responsible of event participations, supermarket stands, sponsorships and other tasks that require operations management.

  • Reporting: Report back with monthly sales and findings.

Education & skills

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration; International Business or relevant field of study

  • Knowledgeable in Business Processes

  • 4 - 5 years of previous experience in the field.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Languages: Arabic & English

  • Excellent analytical skills

Work Details

Location: Riyadh, KSA

Traveling: This job requires traveling within Saudi

Working Hours: Full-time

Work Permit: Will be arranged

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You are the Operations Manager of VodaVoda that delivers water within 24 hours in Riyadh. Estimate how many delivery vans you need to operate this service.