Innovation, Branding, Communication

Ehtiwa: Turning a children’s development center into an innovative one.


Bland identity / non-children friendly space

Space: Community, solutions, non-medical morbid

Create a Community

Convert the Skeptics

Services and unique selling point was understated

A message of optimism and professionalism

An idea that is core to ehtiwa: Involve the whole family and community.


- An audit of existing strategies, gaining insights from trends affecting the industry. 

- Associational thinking exercises from case studies from different disciplines.

- Space Audit 

- Workshop: Space Analysis with client

- Internal Workshop for environment closely with a concerned parent

Quick conversations with affected parents  

- Rebranding: purpose, values, onlyness statement and brand identity

- Wayfinding / signage

- Setting direction with local interior design firm

- Overseeing and following up

- The child, family and society

الطفل، الاسرة، والمجتمع


> Reinvent the Space / user and staff journeys

> More representative brand identity

> Welcome Kit 

> Superheroes

> The space and retail section

> Mobile Intervention Unit

> Brand Identity / Values

> Brand Tagline:

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 4.05.22 PM.png


Ehtiwa’s integrated team embraces the patients with a variety of programs characterized by individuality and tailored to match the needs of beneficiaries and their families. These personalized programs cover areas such as early intervention, family support, extended home or school service programs, academic support, and behavioral therapy.

“Blue Hat Helped us re-launch our center with an awesome concept that we’re all proud of!”
- Alia AlBazie, General Manager, Ehtiwa

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