We Help Businesses Innovate
By Employing Design As A Strategic Tool.

Contrary to popular belief, design is not just about the aesthetics. Design, being a problem-solving discipline that changes the status quo, responds to human needs, and empowers organisations through creativity and logic. In an extremely digitally immersed world, design is now needed more than ever to simplify complexity and to drive innovation. - Sami Hmaidan


Service Design

Using human-centered design-thinking techniques, we will create new services or re-design your existing services. Following a customized research methodology, we could either improve the quality of your service, overcome existing challenges, ride the wave of new trends, or reach radical or incremental innovation to your service.

Innovation Workshops

We will provide your team with necessary training in order to help you embark on your journey of innovation. With a customized mix of research techniques, brainstorming sessions, case studies, presentations, and moderated discussions, we will train your team to acquire knowledge and skills within our areas of expertise.

Communication Design

At Blue Hat, we help your organisation reach your target audience online by setting up the right formula of online initiatives to meet your goals. Depending on your needs, we will provide strategies that might include Content Creation, Social Media, Online Advertising, Email Marketing, or External Collaboration.


Analytics & Reporting
Graphic Design
Hosting & Cloud Computing


how do we do it?

Study your business and Understand your vision

Gaining a deep understanding of your business along with the challenges and opportunities it faces is the most important step before starting with any innovation activity. At Blue Hat we craft and customise a well structured, human-centered research methodology in order to understand your vision (or help you devise a vision) and set a direction for the strategy and the design-led initiatives.

Create a design led strategy to drive innovation

After gathering enough data and insights, we create a design-led strategy that enables your business to innovate according to the vision set with your decision-makers. Our strategies are spiced up with a mixture of logic and creativity and geared towards taking your business to the next level!

Help you implement the strategy

A strategy without proper implementation is useless. Therefore, we help you implement the strategy either internally in your organisation by harnessing your existing resources or training your employees, or in-house at Blue Hat through the set of services we provide, or by teaming up with external collaborators and professionals. 

Measure the success and re-align strategy 

Getting feedback is the most important activity after delivering our solutionsThrough a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) we evaluate the effectiveness of our strategy. We measure success and we re-align the strategy accordingly. This phase also gives you metrics and data that enables you to plan for your next innovation ventures!